At a project management company one of the Project Managers – I work in the complex and fast moving world of managing office build outs and relocation for clients of all sizes and backgrounds. While it may not be the most expensive part of any project, the relocation phase of an interiors project is the one most employees will remember most vividly, because it touches them all personally. Your employee’s will show up on day one and know right away whether or not the move was a success or a failure. First impressions matter and the success of failure of a move will set the tone for how your employees view the new space as a whole. In my experience, Technical Source is an incredible asset in finishing any project and making sure every employee’s work space is operational and up to standards from an I.T. perspective. I have worked with Technical Source on many relocation projects over the years and they have never let me down. Whether the job is large or small, highly complex or straightforward, each and every time Technical Source has exceeded my expectations and the expectations of my clients. I’ve never met an I.T. person who did not breathe massive sigh of relief after meeting the Technical Source team. They have become a trusted partner in the world of office relocation and I would never hesitate to recommend them for any project.

An I.T. Specialist at a large warehouse facility  – “Technical Source helped us complete an ambitious facility move, over nights and on an aggressive timeline. Their staff was well-managed and a pleasure to work with. The team members are courteous, smart, and reliable. They work hard to exceed expectations. Technical Source management is highly adaptable to our needs, and as issues arise, we’ve found them to be collaborative and responsive in even the toughest unforeseen circumstances. We look forward to a long term partnership, as we continue to engage with Technical Source on other special projects.”

An Office Service Manager at developer company – “Technical Source worked tirelessly in assisting with a 245 person move. They transitioned the employees from a standard desk to a very detailed height adjustable desk setup which required intricate wire management, support with monitors arms, and PC holders. I, personally have been working with Jerri and Technical Source team since 2007 and can honestly say that the success of each move I have managed has been directly related to their support team. The team has a double check process which enables me and the team to work on other priorities and not have to worry about the technical aspect of a move. ”

At a distributor of technology company the Programmer Manager – “Very organized. Extremely efficient. Ensured that we had the appropriate amount of staff to do the job within the timescales we needed. Zero mistakes . Everyone received their own belongings in the correct place. Professional staff and always happy to help. We were actually quite shocked at how quickly Technical Source managed to install everyone’s equipment in the new office. Would absolutely, 100%, request this team again!”

The Vice President of a Health Insurance company– “I can’t say enough good things about their professionalism, dedication, attention to detail (crazy detailed!!!) and work ethic. Everyone on the team, no matter their role, pitches in to ensure a successful end result. Whether it’s a decommissioning or install, team members follow a very well executed master plan, providing constant updates and notes on their progress (which is so very welcome when you are knee deep in detail and logistics and need to be kept informed). No matter the size or scope of the project, it’s my sincere opinion there is no on better suited than Jerri and her purple people!”

At a medical company the Facility Operations Manager  -“Technical Source worked with us on our relocation project of approximately 1000 employees. This move took place in three phases over three consecutive weekends. Jerri and her staff were extremely professional and efficient. As a member of the relocation team and command center I can say that we cold not have asked for a better company to help us with the move of our I.T. equipment.”

A Transition Director at a Management Company – The Purple People make my job easier! I simply pass along the clients From-To list, and Tech Source takes it from there. Jerri and Jamie’s attention to detail allows me to focus on other issues that occur during the move weekend. They have developed a process, ensuring everything was disconnected, inventoried, moved, reconnected, and tested. No matter the tech assigned to the project, they all take great care and feel personally responsible for the success of the move. Technical Source Post Move crews make sure that each end user is able to walk in on Monday and get to work, with no disruption in productivity.

A Director at a Move Management company – Technical Source is our preferred partner in Chicago for our projects, large or small. They are incredibly organized and their process is very detailed, we have the greatest level of confidence in them.

At a social media company a Facilities Manager – Technical Source did a good job following our instructions and completed the disconnect/reconnect efficiently. Our project manager Jamie was a key to the move’s success, as she was very organized, friendly, and helpful. We are very likely to use Jamie and Technical Source again.

A Director of Facilities Management at an education company– I am delighted to share my insights and reasons for strongly recommending Technical Source. They are my number one choice for managing and implementing the physical relocation of technology devices for any type of relocation project. What sets Technical Source apart from other providers is their flawless attention to detail and the deep project experience they bring. This has been demonstrated several times over numerous projects of varying size and complexity. The team provided disconnect, reconnect, and test on a project consisting of 2,200 devices supporting 800 staff members. This occurred over 3 phases. The shut down time was 5pm and we needed to be up and running by 6am Monday. The project planning and collaboration with all leads on the relocation team helped to ensure a smooth transition.

The Director of Marketing at a brokerage firm – We are a commodity brokerage firm with complex computer setups that support our online trading. It was critical to our trading operation that every computer setup was disconnected, moved, reconnected, and tested accurately, quickly, and with great care so our traders would not experience any interruption in their work. Jerri and her fantastic team were highly recommended to us, so we hired them to handle this important work. They did exactly what we needed and more. They moved over 200 computer systems to the exact location they were destined and had them set up and operational again very quickly. They took care to arrange the equipment how the user preferred it to be placed on their work surface, and thoroughly tested all the cord placements to ensure there would be no snags as our employees used the sit to stand feature on their new desks. Not one piece of equipment was lost or misplaced, and they showed great care and pride in their work. They were collaborative and creative in helping us resolve any issues that arose, were very professional and pleasant at all times. It was a genuine pleasure to work with them.

A Human Resources Manager at an online company – Technical Source is a lifesaver! They were the best investment I made during our office relocation. The day of our move, the team was professional, efficient, and friendly, and I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. Jamie was very organized and guided me through an unfamiliar process, answering questions and putting my mind at ease. Our employees were set up and ready to work at 9 am our first day in our new office thanks to Technical Source – they are awesome!

At a resource company a Workplace and HR Coordinator – I have used Technical Source for a total of 5 moves between my time at my previous job and now here. They are always an amazing partner during a time that is definitely stressful for my team. They are accommodating, friendly, and precise with their work and handle our project from start to finish, even coming back after the move to make sure our employees get settled in. I am comfortable knowing that as my company grows, I have the team at Technical Source to rely for our IT move needs.